Evaluating Your Social Media Plan: Did You Reach Your Goals?

Evaluating is an important step for any type of effort your marketing or public relations team puts out, so how do you evaluate your social media plan efforts?

Remember those specific strategies we created when designing the social media plan? Let's start there!

Go through each of your strategies. Did you meet your strategy? If so, great! How do you think you achieved it? Did you reach it early, or were you close to missing it? Answering these questions will help you better prepare your social media plan strategies. Did you miss your strategy? How can you improve? What do you think went wrong? Did you miss if by a hair or by a long shot? Again, answering these questions will ensure you have better strategies for your next social media plan.

Now take a look at your objectives. These overarching goals were why you set out to put this social media plan in place so it's important to explore if you've reached your goal! So, did you get more traffic from social media to your web…

How to Create a Smiple Social Media Plan

Social media has evolved so quickly in the last decade and it continues to grow in exponential ways. Successful organizations all over the world are utilizing social media to interact with their customers and grow their organization. In this post, I will show you how to develop a simple social media plan for your small business or for your personal brand!

Explain Your Situation
First, describe your current situation in a situation statement. Include why you are creating the plan as well as any pertinent information about your current social media efforts

Determine Your Objectives
Your objectives, or goals, should define what you want to achieve through this social media plan. You should have more than one broad objective that will help you define the rest of your social media plan. An example might be to drive traffic to your website or increase sales of a product.

Define Your Audience
After you have a broad goal, you'll want to narrow down a target audience for your social media …

Building a Personal Brand

As a professional in public relations, we spend a lot of time building our clients brands and maintaining them through good times and bad. While we are great at our jobs, sometimes we fall short on building our own personal brands. While it may seem easier to build a personal brand than a company brand but for many of us, it's more challenging. I've written a few tips that I use in building my own brand to help those who might be struggling.

Figure out your interests and what you want your brand to be. It should be true and genuine to yourself and who you want to be, so use your interests to build your brand. For me, it's a love of Harry Potter, the communications profession, makeup, and my family. Choosing things that are professional and personal will showcase your personality and define your brand!

Staying true and genuine to you is important but it's also to important to think about your future and where you want to be. If you want to work for a cert…

Job Hopping Millennials

I recently read that millennial are job hopping more than any other generation and that they are on track to have 4 jobs by the time they are 32. I wanted to explore why this I think job hopping is a new trend, that in my opinion, isn’t going away…
It’s a different world than it was 30 years ago when a person straight out of high school could get a decent job and stay there until retirement with a nice pension. Workers were compensated fairly and had several benefits. Workers were loyal to their companies and felt safe and comfortable in their positions.
In my millennial opinion, I think we are job hopping so frequently because we want to learn more! There are hundreds of organizations to work for and millennial want to learn and grow their knowledge.
I think compensation in salary, time off, and a new experience also are deciding factors for the millennial job hop. Learning new things in a new environment with better benefits and more time off with flexible opportunities are important t…

The Summer of Blogs: 3 Tips to Keeping it All Straight

It's been a busy summer!

I love writing and I love blogging which is why this summer has been chalked full of all kinds of blogging. From the personal blogs you've been reading here, to blogs for companies and organizations. With all this writing and blogging, I decided to share some of the blogs I wrote that aren't on this blog and share my tips on how I keep it all straight and write!

First and Foremost
Don't overthink it! A good rule of thumb for any blog post to engage readers and not lose their interest is to write between 300 and 500 words. I typically start with a topic, research it, and start writing! Don't over think at first, just write. Get all your ideas out so you don't forget them and fine tune the details later!

Fine Tune the Details
Once you've written all your ideas out, go back and edit your post. Hopefully, after you've written all your ideas out, your post won't be under 300 words, and if you're like me, you'll have to cu…

The Center For Digital Engagement and Ann Arbor SPARK Internship Program

Before this internship, I did not feel ready to step into the workforce with complete and utter confidence in myself.
I recently graduated from college Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in public relations, meaning I always did my homework, projects, and presentations and did them well. In order to graduate I also had to participate in an internship for 18 hours a week during one semester. I was highly involved with the Public Relations Student Society of America and attended several networking events and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Along with my experience in public relations, I had a part time job at the local campus dining facilities my first year of college and a part time job working as an office manager for a small business. I have had a lot of experience, more than most of my classmates, yet when I graduated, I still didn’t feel ready for the workforce.
Public relations is an extremely broad degree and there are plenty of jobs one can obtain with it. I…

The Struggles with Google Analytics

I’ve been studying for the Google Analytics test recently and I hate to admit that I’m struggling. One thing I’m struggling with is finding the time to complete the study videos.I took the test blind my first time. Meaning, I didn't study or look over any information before taking the test. I got a 67% Which I was pretty proud of considering I hadn’t seen any of the information. Maybe I was just a good guesser because after I watched the first three lessons, I thought I was ready to take it again. I mean I got a 67% without even studying, I could get 13 more points after studying a little right? - Wrong. I took the test, kind of in a rush to be fair, and got a 67%… again…

It was disheartening going at it again and not improving, but hey, I didn’t get worse, so that’s good! I have now finished watching all of the analytics for beginners videos, but I’m nervous to take the test. I think I want to go through all the information one more time before I commit to taking the test again, b…