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Evaluating Your Social Media Plan: Did You Reach Your Goals?

Evaluating is an important step for any type of effort your marketing or public relations team puts out, so how do you evaluate your social media plan efforts?

Remember those specific strategies we created when designing the social media plan? Let's start there!

Go through each of your strategies. Did you meet your strategy? If so, great! How do you think you achieved it? Did you reach it early, or were you close to missing it? Answering these questions will help you better prepare your social media plan strategies. Did you miss your strategy? How can you improve? What do you think went wrong? Did you miss if by a hair or by a long shot? Again, answering these questions will ensure you have better strategies for your next social media plan.

Now take a look at your objectives. These overarching goals were why you set out to put this social media plan in place so it's important to explore if you've reached your goal! So, did you get more traffic from social media to your web…

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